Amazing Animal Coverings: See What Animals Wear


Birds, Mammals, Fish, Reptiles, and Insects coverings are all included! Students can observe real artifacts up close. Compare, contrast, describe, research, and enjoy these specimens. Wonderful Interactive Activity Book Included.

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Recommended for ages 4-12+
This enhanced kit now includes a 16-page STEAM interactive Activity Book (digital copy only at this time) as well as a Resource Guide (PDF format for easy download), and more than 15 amazing animal coverings. Explore fish scales, feathers, skins, fur, hair, exoskeletons, and so much more using the power of our digital microscope. Students will observe, compare and contrast, discuss, and draw authentic animal coverings, as well as engage in robust language art and art activities.

Below are some of the scientific activities you can enjoy while using the specimens found in this kit:

  • Observe and discover how the outer covering of an animal helps it to live in its environment
  • Compare the ganoid scale (Gar) to the cycloid scale (Drum)
  • Compare and contrast animal fur and hair specimens
  • Compare and contrast the texture of various hides
  • Observe the structure of feathers and locate the quill, vanes, and barbs
  • Observe the details in an exoskeleton
  • Observe and compare the density of hair
  • Discuss the purpose of hair
  • Discover whether the hair/fur specimens have two layers of hair or not
  • Study the three different types of feathers
  • Compare and contrast the cycloid scale to the snakeskin
  • Compare and contrast snakeskin to the included bubble wrap

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