Forensics: Fingerprints & Fibers Be a CSI Super Sleuth


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NEW for 2018!          Recommended for ages 8+

This enhanced kit includes a comprehensive fingerprint and fiber Resource Guide (PDF format for easy download), and nearly two dozen phenomenal fiber and fabric specimens.

Interested in digging into the forensic world of fingerprints? Learn all about the types of fingerprints and then put that knowledge into action. Students will be entranced when they use the included inkless fingerprint system and fingerprint cards to collect their own prints along with those of friends and family. The heightened interest in forensics, textiles, and the microscopic arena proves this is an unmatched kit for curious learners to explore this mysterious world.

Use the forensics kit to examine fabrics, compare and contrast the properties of silk, wool, hemp, alpaca, angora, mohair, cotton, corn, mink, bamboo, flax, and sugar cane strands, as well as explore a variety of woven fabrics. Follow the included instructions to discover the fiber content of the swatches by using the burn test. Instructions, a tea candle, and an aluminum tin are included.

Below are samples of some of the exciting scientific activities you can explore with the forensic kit:

  • Discover the primary types of fingerprint designs
  • Introduce the question: “What can I discover about the properties of fabrics?”
  • Discover what property all fabrics have in common
  • Determine fabric content using the burn test
  • Observe fabric specimens color, whether the fibers are straight or curvy, and how big the open spaces are between the fibers
  • Discuss the purpose of a tighter weave fabric versus a more loosely woven fabric
  • Research whether a fiber is the product of a plant, animal, or is man-made

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