Incredible Insects: See What the Buzz is all About


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Enhanced for 2018! Recommended for ages 8-12+

This enhanced kit now includes an interactive Activity Book, (online digital copy only at this time) a Resource Guide (PDF format for easy download), 12 diverse insect specimens, and the highly-regarded Professor Noggin’s Insects and Spiders card game ($10 value).

Nothing sparks the interest and curiosity of a young student more than a creepy, crawly insect. This kit is perfect for exploring bees, butterfly wings, crickets, flies, mealworms, grasshoppers, and other formerly wiggly things to see how they adapt to their environment, among other things. Observe transparent wings, legs with spikes, iridescent colors, symmetry, and amazing body structures hidden to the naked eye. Tweezers are included for the squeamish.

The interactive Activity Book is filled with STEAM activities to engage students of all ages and below are samples of scientific activities you can enjoy using the specimens found in this kit:

  • Identify the structures of insects and describe how they support the insect in its environment
  • Compare and contrast the differences in insect structures
  • Hypothesize how these differences support each insect
  • Recognize that different insect structures are related to the function it performs
  • Understand and explore insects in their natural habitats
  • Develop an awareness of the developmental changes that occur in insects
  • Appreciate and understand the importance of insects in our world

Both entertaining and educational, the dynamic Insects and Spiders card game has been recognized as an exemplary teaching tool by The Parent’s Choice Foundation, the National Association for Gifted Children, and Scholastic Instructor Magazine. This inviting card game features 180 questions offering two levels of difficulty. This distinction allows younger children to play with older students, siblings or adults and have a lot of fun while learning about the incredible world of insects. The ‘Noggin’s Choice Card’ (acting like a joker in traditional card games) can help even the score as players can use this element to take a card from another player and create more challenging opportunities for learning.


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