MicroSight 5MP Advanced Hair Kit (Two Microscopes!)


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Make your scalp, hair and skin exams easier and more meaningful for your clients! This MicroSight 5MP Advanced Hair kit gives you both microscopes – One variable focus from 10-200x and one fixed at 500x. The 5MP is considered high definition and is preferred when printing, viewing on large screes, and cropping images.

Hold the MicroSight microscope camera in your hand during an examination and touch it directly onto the skin, scalp or hair. Then watch the live color video image on the screen to show your client or patient their skin, scalp or hair condition. Just by touching the sample with the internally lit lens tip, you can instantly focus, and magnify to the screen. Capture still images to display on screen for further evaluation, to compare to previously taken pictures, and to save in a client file, or print.

What can you see at the different magnifications? 15x MAGNIFICATION further emphasizes hair problems, scalp or follicle irregularities or abnormalities such as dry coneous matter, dandruff, and sebum clogging.

30x-50x MAGNIFICATION are the most popular for showing thinning hair, hair density counts, and general exams of hair and scalp conditions. Use non-polarized lenses for evaluating surface characteristics such as color and structure.

100x-200x MAGNIFICATION are great for examining the scalp, hair follicles, and hair in general for dead skin, clogged follicles, oil, dryness, damage, inflammation of scalp, cuticle condition, and split ends. The 100x lens is also sometimes used for density and hair width measurements. The higher magnifications are used to views of specific skin features such as moles, clogged or open pores, and dilated capillaries.

500x MAGNIFICATION is best for examining hair for damaged cuticles, exposed cortex, chemical damage from harsh products and overuse, physical breakage such as split ends, heat damage such as bubbles and broken hair, and general appearance such as sheen or dullness, oily or dry hair. When examining skin, this magnification is used to examine clogged or infected pores, black heads, and check for evidence of mites, subdermal condition, and capillary blood flow.

The software included with the MicroSight USB cameras displays live video and captures stills, movies, and time-lapse on Windows and Apple computers. The software also has drawing, labeling and measurement features as well as freeze frame and dual picture display. The MicroSight has a capture button, a dimmer for the 6 LEDs and a focus wheel and comes with a small plastic stand. The 10-200x camera includes interchangeable tips that create 15x, 30x, 50x, 100x, and 200x fixed magnifications. Optional 50x and 100x polarizing tips provide subdermal views of the scalp and face. Just pull off the current tip on replace it with the tip of your choice, touch the scalp, skin or hair, and focus using the thumb wheel.

Skin and Hair Applications                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        • Most effective way to sell treatment and product solutions
• Results of skin or hair care treatments can be documented and easily viewed
• Small and easy to use during a skin or hair exam, especially at 50x and 200x fixed magnifications
• Make skin and hair evaluations and counseling faster and easier without needing to switch lenses to change magnification
• Educate and motivate clients with dramatic and revealing live video
• Most affordable model, no additional lenses needed
• Make an impact and sell your treatments and products with the MicroSight Microscope!


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