Surprising Spices: See What Your Tongue Tastes


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New for 2018!       Recommended for ages 8+

This kit, geared for both the young and old, allows curious learners to see up-close what your tongue tastes in the world of spices. It includes an extensive Resource Guide (PDF format for easy download), which features fun facts and interesting folklore about each of the 19 whole spices and information on which spices go best with which meats. Packed with 19 unique whole spices including allspice, annatto, black peppercorns, caraway, celery, chia, cinnamon stick, cloves, coriander, cumino (cumin), fennel, juniper, licorice root, mustard seed, nutmeg, rosemary, sage, star anise, and thyme, each spice looks distinctly different using the naked eye and our digital microscopes. This surprising kit inspires students to “sniff” out more interesting details about how spices spice up our lives, invigorate our tastebuds, and create a cultural sense of place.

Unique to this kit is a beautiful card set of 35 different illustrations of botanical spices featured from an antique volume written in 1887. Each distinctive card provides the common name, scientific name, part of the plant we use, related information. And show the whole plant as well as the seeds and flowers. 

Spice up students’ culinary knowledge and senses with a microscopic perspective on these surprising spices, as well as a few herbs. Below are samples of some of the exciting scientific activities you can explore using the specimens found in this kit:

  • Recognize the physical characteristics of each spice
  • Understand various uses for spices
  • Identify the unique aromas of specific spices
  • Describe the textures of spices
  • Determine if a specimen is a spice or an herb



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