Totally Textures: See What Your Fingers Feel


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New for 2018!
Recommended for ages 8+ and all ESL students

If you have curious students or children who love science, this kit is an engaging way to learn about textures while also building vocabulary. With more than 23 authentic scientific specimens that bring the tactile world to life, this kit will spark the interest of young children, as well as ESL students, and help them interpret what they feel with their fingers.

An Resource Guide is included (PDF format for easy download) that provides a comprehensive tactile adjective list, three sorting templates complete with a dry erase marker, and optional descriptive word bank for the specimens included in the kit.

Explore textures such as fluffy, grainy, crinkly, flat, bumpy, spiky, feathery, coarse, smooth, rough, hard, sharp, dull, springy, frilly, stretchy, sticky, scratchy, and fuzzy to name just a few. This kit stretches the imagination and builds vocabulary in a magical way that brings the sense of feel and sight to life.

Below are samples of some of the exciting activities you can enjoy using the specimens found in this kit:

  • Allow for freedom of sorting criteria
  • Sort by prescribed criteria
  • Recognize size, texture and color likenesses and differences
  • Describe objects using descriptive adjectives
  • Build vocabulary

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