Astounding Owls: See What Owls Eat


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New for 2018!        Recommended for ages 8-12+

Explore the astounding world of owls with this exceptional kit that includes two owl pellets* (additional pellets are available, if desired), bone charts, wooden probes, forceps, a hand lens, a 6” ruler, a Resource Guide (PDF format for easy download), and a 16-page STEAM interactive Activity Book. So, what is an owl pellet?

Barn owls swallow small prey, like a rodent or a bird, whole. As soon as the prey is swallowed, the owl pellet begins to form inside the digestive system. The digestive juices, called enzymes, break down the prey’s body tissues but leave the bones, fur, feathers, and hair undigested. The good nutrients are collected from the soft tissues and sent to the rest of the owl’s body. Owls don’t have teeth to grind up the bony parts. Because these skeletons are undisturbed, it is common to find claws, scales, beaks, and even insect exoskeletons inside an owl pellet. The strong stomach muscles pack these body parts in the indigestible hair and fur and then “gagged” or regurgitated from the system. Now you know what an owl pellet is!

To enhance this robust study of owls, a complete owl food chain activity kit with tubes and color sheets are all part of this comprehensive kit showcasing the astounding world of owls.

Below are samples of some of the engaging scientific activities you can explore using the specimens found in this fascinating ornithology kit:

  • Discover what owls eat
  • Explore an owl pellet
  • Determine what animals the owl has eaten
  • Construct a food chain model
  • Research what makes owls excellent hunters



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