Seeds That Travel: Poppers, Floaters, Whirligigs, & More


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Enhanced for 2018! Recommended for ages 8-12+

This enhanced kit now includes FIVE interactive Real Curriculum Lesson Books (see below for details), a Resource Guide (PDF format for easy download) that details how seeds travel, and more than a dozen specific seed specimens to explore with a digital microscope.

This dynamic kit makes it easy to understand how seeds come to life with whirligigs, popping cones, fluffy seeds, floating seeds, and pokey and prickly seeds. Experience seeds first hand rather than viewing via the virtual world. Included in the kit are several lima beans (seeds) to dissect and plant and be amazed by how quickly they grow into seedlings. Tweezers are included for the safe handling of the prickly seeds.

The five Real Curriculum Books ($35 value) featured in this kit include:

1. Different Environments Different Plants  Learn why there are different kinds of plants in different parts of the world.

2.  How Plants Grow     How does a plant grow and survive?

3.  Solar Powered Plants    How do plants eat and breathe?

4.  Starting With Seeds     How is a plant created?

5.  More Than A Pretty Face   What does a flower do?

Below are samples of some of the exciting scientific activities you can explore using the specimens found in this kit:

  • Discuss why it is important for seeds to travel
  • Predict how each seed travels
  • Compare and contrast a variety of seeds to common objects and each other
  • Discuss the seed structure, shape, and size
  • Describe and draw the seeds when viewed with both the naked eye and with one of our digital microscopes



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