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This Maybe You! Curiosity Power Pack will supercharge the brain as students explore the book, Maybe You! Science as Inquiry. There are 4 exciting ways to purchase this PowerPack. See the options above for details. If you don’t see the combination that you need, please reach out to us so we can build you a quote for just what you want.

In this exciting Curiosity Power Pack, students will learn to build a pendulum that can be adapted for young as well as more advanced learners as they delve into the meaning of time. When students build a working clock, they will probe into learning about the early tools of measurement and develop an inquisitive nature. Complete activity instructions, a ruler, a journal and pencil, and other fascinating experiment ideas to complete independently are included.

Curiosity is the doorway to the world of science. All great scientists have had it, and you have it, too. Like them, you were born with it. But curiosity is a lot like a muscle—the more you use it, the stronger it gets—which is what this Curiosity Power Pack is all about. This Curiosity Power Pack, a companion to the Maybe YOU! book, is filled with opportunities for you to explore with the scientific ideas just like the famous scientists did 4000 years ago. You will build your own clock and use it to measure time in experiments. You will build your own pendulum and explore the secrets of physics. You will collect data in the form of accurate measurements, record that data in this, your very own scientific journal, analyze your results, and ask questions. That’s not all! There are loads of other experiment ideas for you to dive into. But be prepared, because one question leads to another, and asking questions will make your “curiosity muscle” stronger and stronger, and before you know it, you might find yourself on the way to becoming one of the great scientists of your generation. Are you ready to take your first steps into the world of scientific exploration? We are thrilled you have joined the ranks of so many who have come before you, and that you are ready to forge your way into the unknown. Where will YOU take us? We can’t wait to see. Share with us what you have learned, so we can share with others.

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