MicroSight 10-200x Advanced Kit with TWO Microscopes


MicroSight 10-200x Advanced Kit

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This kit will give you twice the fun. With TWO MicroSight USB Microscopesone that will focus from 10x – 200x and a SECOND microscope that is fixed at 500x you can now let your images do the talking. The 10-200x MicroSight microscope COMES WITH 5 TIPS allowing you unmatched detail at 15x, 30x, 50x,150x, 100x/200x and the second MicroSight microscope is FIXED AT 500x allowing spectacular views of prepared slides and wonderful water samples. If that isn’t enough, you will find in the large soft case the backlit LED-XYZ stand. This precision XYZ motion allows easy viewing of prepared slides and aquatic samples. This stand uses 4 AAA batteries (included) or can be powered via the included USB cable. A 10 Pc. collection and display set, and a sensational set of fun specimen samples are also included. The devil is in the details and we didn’t leave anything out of this kit. FIVE YEAR WARRANTY!

The LiveSlide® was created to improve the traditional and digital microscope experience when examining microorganisms of all types. The exceptional performance of the LiveSlide® offers higher magnification clarity, convenience, ease of handling and a uniform viewing well beyond what has been available in the microscopy world.

Included is the Protists: Pond Microlife Student Learning Guide which provides full-color comprehensive coverage of key next generation science for grades 6 – 10 and is filled with self-directed readings, easy-to-follow illustrated explanations, guiding questions, inquiry-based activities, a lab investigation, key vocabulary review and assessment review questions, along with a post-test.

This MicroSight software is designed with all Mac and PC computers. This microscope is also compatible with Chromebooks via the USB. Great for all ages.

Quantity discounts available beginning with as few as 5 units. Call today to get a quote within 12 hours.  877-968-7522.

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