MicroZoom 1.3MP (WiFi / USB) with Focal Tips and Backlit XYZ Stand


This microscope is perfect for viewing everyday objects with USB or WiFi options, and the backlit stand is terrific for viewing water samples and prepared slides.

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Let this wonderful 1.3 mega pixel Wifi and USB MicroZoom model microscope welcome you to the microworld. This microscope is the most versatile of all our cameras. It can be connected USB to any Apple or PC computer or WiFI to any Apple or android product. That means you see it here and can see it there…you see whatever you want anywhere. This microscope kit includes the MicroZoom WiFi/USB microscope, 4 focal tips that allow you to precisely focus at 20x, 40x, 60x/200x, and 80x/150x magnification, and a sturdy metal LED-XYZ stand to let you work handsfree.

Included is the Protists: Pond Microlife Student Learning Guide which provides full-color comprehensive coverage of key next generation science for grades 6 – 10. This book is self-directed readings, easy-to-follow illustrated explanations, guiding questions, inquiry-based activities, a lab investigation, key vocabulary review and assessment review questions, along with a post-test.

Of course the software for Mac and PC is also included. This microscope will work USB with Chromebook as an external camera or with the iPEVO Visualizer, a free app in the Google store. The iOS / Android App is required. (It is available for FREE – download it from the Apple Store and Google Play).

Quantity discounts available beginning with as few as 5 units. Call today to get a quote within 12 hours.  877-968-7522.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in


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