MicroZoom 10-200x 2MP with Focal Tips (USB Only)


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This MicroZoom USB microscope sports a high 2MP resolution lens and offers you the chance to focus with uninhibited glee on anything. The magnification range varies from 10x-200x, and we include, at no extra charge, our custom manufactured focal tips that allow you to precisely view specimens at 20x, 40x, 80x/150x and 60x/200x. The included software, can be used on any PC or Mac and allows you to capture still images, video movies, and time-lapse movies. The measurement and calibration feature can be performed on any captured picture. The ability to create additional file folders for video and photos is included in the software. Measurement data can be exported to Word or Excel. This excellent microscope comes with a TWO YEAR WARRANTY!

Included with the microscope is the Real Curriculum book, The Introduction to Hand-Held Microscopes. This Real Curriculum book, helps students gain familiarity with the hand-held microscope and how/why it works. Students learn to observe objects carefully in order to identify them, and engage in activities that explore the basic concepts of lens, magnification, and scale. Designed for grades K-5.

This MicroSight software is designed for Mac and PC computers. This microscope is also compatible with Chromebooks. Great for ages 4-94.

Quantity discounts available beginning with as few as 5 units. Call today to get a quote within 12 hours.  877-968-7522.


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 6 x 3 in


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