My Home In The Universe By Brod Bagert


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My Home in the Universe

Little Dipper in the sky,
Little Dipper, please don’t cry.
Small you are yet still you stay,
and that is how I find my way.
from Little Dipper 

Grounded in the principle that children remember “90% of what they do in dramatic presentation,” My Home in the Universis the third book in the Brod Bagert’s HeART of Science series, providing parents, teachers, and young learners with a comprehensive compendium of dramatic content literature, both entertaining and instructional.

This poignant yet comical collection of dramatic poems, monologues, and short plays creates a delightfully unique experience of the Universe. Nerd-OneAlvin Lofton captures the attention of young Roshanda Hale with a love poem about red giants, a super nova, and “cosmic furnaces ablaze in the boundless black of space.” Ms. Mariana Moon, in an interview with talk-show host Isaac Cosmos, reveals her feelings about living in the shadow of a lunar eclipse and the joy of payback when she gets to reciprocate during a solar eclipse—“little-ole me blocking out…that big ball of blazing hydrogen.” Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, and Newton are likened to Fantastic Four superheroes for their brilliance and courage in bringing about the Copernican Revolution.

From cosmic dust, to Hydrogen Fusion, to the all-consuming gravity of black holes, My Home in the Universtransforms the detachment of theoretical concepts into the immediacy of imagined personal experience—accurate, emotional, and entertaining. The journey concludes with the voice of an unnamed star who declares that “in this ocean of eternal night, I make day. I burn to give this light away and in burning earn the right to say—I am a star.”


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